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Tadaaki Yasufuku, President Director of PT. YASUFUKU INDONESIA

PT Yasufuku Indonesia, a branch company of Yasufuku Ruber Industries, CO, LTD which is existing in KOBE - Japan, is a manufacturing company of rubber and plastic (using raw material of Industrial Rubber and Thermo-Plastic Elastomer) for automotive and other industry needs.

PT. Yasufuku Indonesia which being set up in 1995, got an extremely rapid of growth and has been afford to support the good reputation companies in Indonesia and international market. We're able to achieve this by working hard and a strong commitment caring for the quality of our product, and certainly a strong support from Yasufuku Rubber Industries, CO., LTD in "Technical Assistance and Quality Assurance".

Along with the open competitions in “Global” market, we're keep on increasing our capability so that could be a real part of your company's success.

Wish for good luck to be acquainted our company so far......
Thank you.

(Tadaaki  Yasufuku)

President Director